Sam has litigated everything from cattle futures to complex litigation related to zoning matters. While some lawyers will only handle large or lucrative cases, Sam is a litigator who will institute legal proceedings on any matter with merit in order to help a client. He believes that there are no small or trivial matters when it relates to his clients' legal concerns.

Sam Erkonen has extensive nationwide litigation experience at the state and federal levels. He has considerable expertise serving the hospitality, entertainment and non-profit industries in the areas of contract negotiation and litigation.

Sam recently helped win a high-profile arbitration in a dispute regarding a large convention.
Sam helped successfully defend a major antitrust case in the sporting goods industry.

Sam's passion is helping ordinary people solve real problems. When you need the services of an experienced and down-to-earth attorney, contact Sam Erkonen. He will schedule a meeting at your convenience, answer all of your questions, and let you know the best way to proceed with your legal concerns.

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Sam offers quality legal services in the following areas of litigation:

  • Administrative Matters
  • Arbitration
  • Appeals
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Litigation
  • Class Actions
  • Civil Rights
  • Collections
  • Commercial Matters
  • Construction
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Creditors Rights
  • Developer Disputes
  • Discrimination
  • Divorce
  • Employment
  • Estate Litigation
  • Equitable and Injunctive Remedies
  • Family Law
  • Forcible Evictions
  • Foreclosure/Borrower-Lender disputes
  • Insurance
  • Municipal
  • Patent Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate Disputes